Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vacation Part1

Because we did so much on Vacation and I want to be sure to update my family and friends back home on how Vacation went I decided to break this into 2 parts.

First we left on the 11th of December and it went pretty good! Evelyn did amazing on the plane and we arrived to our destination safely and on time. Oakland Airport is pretty easy to get though. When we first got to the rental car area the reservation from Dollar Rentals declined Hubbys credit, claiming he had bad credit...which was completly FALSE both of us have over a 700. Hertz did the exact same thing! Finally after a ton of frustration Alamo gave us a car, though they didnt have a military discount, the nice guy leading us to our car upgraded it! We ended up driving a Dodge Avendger which we already own but it was nice to not have to get used to a new car. (I ended up backing into a stump in the middle of the night and then because the bumper was low the exhaust melted the plastic..thank god for insurance!)

We arrived to Sonora, California to see Hubby mother at about 9 at night so we didnt stay very long since we were still on Kansas time and Evelyn was dying to roll around. The next day we went to Yosemite and though we brung along Hubbys mothers friend, who didnt shut up the whole time it was a really beautiful place to see!!
We stayed 3 days in Sonora exploring the town and going to some little shops and picking up some extra sweet cupcakes and taffy! Though I wasnt thrilled to be there I did have alot of fun...heres a few photos of Yosemite.

Evelyn and I in Yosemite.
She stayed in her carseat because she was throwing fits when we'd take
her out and put her back in
Hubby and I at Bridal Veil Falls.
(hate that this photo is blurry)
We loved the pretty views!!
Evelyn slept in the bathtub. We didnt have the portacrib.
I did it when I was a baby and it worked great for Evelyn!


Audrey Spence said...

I looooooove Yosemite! It was one of my favorite places we'd go camping as a kid. Scott and I were there in '07 and I want to go back so bad! I love it there. It's so gorgeous!

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