Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Story of Our Tree

Our Very 1st Christmas Tree! and spending it as a family of 3! I am so super excited we will be spending Christmas alone. We will be having dinner with friends but Christmas Morning will be all about us 3. I will be following my Dad's tradition and making French Toast Cassarole for breakfast followed by Christmas Presents and of course watching A Christmas Story. But enough for that let me tell you the Story Behind the Tree.
My husband always had a real tree for Christmas, and I have always had a fake tree. Because this is our first Married Christmas spent together we had the merging of the traditions...or more like Battle of the Traditions. My husband told me when he was in Iraq that I could do my themed tree. I just wanted to do red and silver ordements with a few candy canes thrown in there, but once my husband saw my idea he flipped out, right in the middle of Hobby Lobby, my husband called me the Grinch and said I was ruining Christmas. So after a few talks in the middle of the store I caved and let my husband pick the ordements. We got Red, Gold and Green which isnt bad..just wasnt my plan.
We had another big thing going for us with the tree. Fake VS Real. I dont mind real trees, but I have never had a real tree. I always found they seem like a pain. We will be gone for a whole week in December and I'd hate for something to happen while we were away. My husband fought me tooth and nail on it, but this was something I wasnt willing to let go. But he did win his battle on having it non pre-lite. But I remind him that how much we spent on lights we could have bought the pre-lite.
We set the Tree up the day after Thanksgiving, and we didnt have enough lights so we had to run to Walmart, and then we tried to put up our ordements and we didnt have hooks. 2 runs to Walmart. It was ok because I went by myself one time and got Hubby another Christmas present! :)
Needless to say...the tree...oh the tree. Hopefully this will be easier on us next year.

Heres the beauty!!


Jane said...

It looks great! I think your compromises, he picking ornaments, you getting the fake tree, worked out perfectly.

MrsMcDancer said...

Super cute! Good work on the compromise; now you have a new tradition :-)

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