Monday, January 23, 2012

Check Up.

Evelyn had her 6 month check up today, and I cant get things off my mind, so when in doubt and need comfort or advice...BLOG.

Our doctor said Evelyns development is fantastic! BUT, when she started to ask how the standing was. Well Evelyn is on her tippy toes alot and her right foot bends a little when she puts weight on it. So my doctor asked us to take her bouncer away and see if it helps. It sucks because Evelyn LOVES her bouncer, she can spend a good hour in it.

So I have to admit I am sad the bouncer is about to go away. No worries I am taking it away because it needs to be done, but it was a nice little babysitter when I needed to get things done. Thankfully the doctor told us we could, use an Exersauser because it keeps her feet flat. My awesome friend has grown up kids so she is giving us hers, which saves us a pretty penny!

Evelyn is also not interested in sitting up. Even propped up or in her bumbo, she cant stand to be sitting up. She loves to stand just hates to sit up. This causes another problem. So if she doesnt get better she'll be in physical therapy

In all honesty it scares me that something could be wrong. It would be a physical thing, but it would still be hard to deal with. I know that if I work extra hard with her I can get her doing things better. But Evelyn is a stubborn baby and I am not sure how shes going to do with me pushing her so hard. She likes to be free and independant and do what she feels like doing! She doesnt want to sit up and work on keeping her feet planted on the ground. I know I have to make her though.

I just need to feel like she'll be fine. I am very grateful its not something mentally or even worse physically and this is a problem we can work on together and get her better even if we have to go to physical therapy I will be more then happy to work with her harder .

I have a mentally and physically handicapped sister, so I do know a few things about this stuff and I do know its not all bad. But I just never thought I'd hear that for my own daughter.

I know its mild. I know if I push her hard I can probably get her doing better, if not physical therapy isnt bad. Just sucks. Hopefully I can get Evelyn working good again, and doing better.

Goodbye Bouncer.


wHiT said...

Awe I hope Evelyn can too! :( Keep at it hun!

MrsMcDancer said...

It will all work out! You know what you need to work on and I'm sure she will be just fine. Every baby is different; my neighbor tells me hilarious stories of her youngest that didn't crawl/ walk til she was 2 {and she's 100% normal crazy active 6th grader now} It's so hard not to worry, but it will all be ok! She'll get there :-)

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