Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dear Baby #2

Hello little one. Your certainly a welcome surprise. Your sister is right next to me acting like she can type, I don't think she really know's what a sister is right now...but I hope she'll catch on quick.

Its strange how finding out I was pregnant with you went along.

It was April 23, 2013 and I just had a gut feeling like I did with your sister, that something was up. I knew I wanted another baby and I was preparing for you physically and mentally, but I was not ready at the moment. I finally decided I just needed to take a test and get the anxiety over with.

I went into the bathroom and took the test and ran out of the room and sat on my bed...its similar to the moment I found out I was pregnant with your sister. I urged myself to stay outside the room until the 2 minutes were up. I went into the bathroom and saw the words "pregnant"....I won't lie...I smiled and then I screamed for your Dad. He had no clue I was in the bathroom taking a test, and as soon as I saw him he knew that I was pregnant. I looked at your sister and instantly cried...I couldn't believe her time as an only child was now limited and she was about to be a sister. What a huge step.

Your Dad stayed quite and I knew he would...but then said "it better be a boy". We had already been talking about a baby the last few days and what we would do a nursery like, talked about names as well. But we both know we want whatever is healthy and happy.

Oh little child of mine...I can't believe it. Your coming into such a loving wonderful family, as much as I was not expecting you, your going to be so loved. Your sister is going to spoil you with kisses and hugs!

I can't wait to meet you. Your already so much apart of our family and so loved!! I hope you enjoy the peace and quite right now...because soon you'll be here with us and its never quite here.

I love you.




Jen said...

This is so sweet!!! :)

Munchkins and the Military said...

Aww! This is so sweet! Brought tears to my eyes! How far along are you?

Chantal said...

Sweet letter! So exciting for you guys.

Kim said...

Love this! So sweet!

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