Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Game of Thrones.

P and I are always looking for things to watch together, we have our own shows we watch and we have the ones we watch together.
We have watched Dexter, Weeds, Prison Break, Once Upon a Time, True Blood and a few other things like those shows...and we just love it! Its a nice break to take together when the babe is sleeping.

So P started watching Game of Thrones when he was in Iraq and it was playing the 1st season. He came home and he wanted to watch the 2nd season, and I was not expecting to like it so P got his night to watch his stuff while I watched mine. Well a few times watching with him and not knowing what was going on...I decided it was time to watch the whole thing.

We got HBOGO just recently and have been watching it, and I tell you what...I'm totally addicted! I cannot wait for Ev to go to bed and get in bed with my laptop, water and a snack to watch a few episodes.

If you haven't seen it but you like fantasy or the Lord of the Rings'll love it.


Britt Dill said...

Love this series. I actually read the books first, then got my husband hooked on them! We were so excited when we heard HBO was making a series out of them, now we can't wait for Sunday nights! :)

Chantal said...

I want to see Season Two :(:(

Brittney Liann said...

I love it!! I started reading the first book last year before I had ever watched the show. They do a really good job on the show and I'm so happy we just got hbo go as well and now we can watch season 3 :)

Jen said...

I haven't watched it, I'm so far behind haha. I LOVE your new layout by the way, it's amazing.

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