Monday, May 6, 2013

My House..

A few weeks ago I wrote about being in one house for a whole year and what a huge thing that has been for us, I was looking forward to not moving for another year! Well...I find myself regretting that. I live on post, so I'm pretty limited to certain things I can do. For one thing I can't paint and I can't rip up things and make the house my own. But that's not at all what this post is about.

I am writing this because I cannot wait to get the eff of out this house. In the last month we have found out that my floors are falling down, which is not good! But seems like so far they fixed the problem for now, but I have bubbles in my 2nd bathroom floor, we have cracks all over so I'm pretty much just waiting for the house to collapse.

But its not just that....oh no! Not even close!

Guess who has termites?! You guessed it! ME! yay......

I am so over this house, and ready to move out right now, but we cannot afford to move right now. This sucks! We would love to just move into the empty house across the street so we wouldn't have to invest in a moving truck, moving boxes and so on and so forth.

As of right now, I haven't even talked to Housing to see what they can do or offer us, but P and I plan on asking if there is a way to move houses and not have to put another deposit down. Really they need to just tear this house down and build it back up, its getting bad.

I can't stand the thought of knowing what's behind my bathroom wall either. All the bugs....BLEH!!!!! I'm glad we had someone come on Saturday and told us that Toothpaste will stop the termites from eating the wall until we they can fix it. But until then...lets just hope they don't eat my face off and attack my family like they do in my dreams.


Chantal said...

Ugh we had termites in Hawaii. Terrible!

Jen said...

:( This is just awful! So sorry that you have to deal with it.

Munchkins and the Military said...

Oh no!! I'd assume they'd have to fix it or let you move. I hope you can get into something better.

Audrey Spence said...

Now termites?! Geez! We had some back in Cali. They only got our front patio though. We just had to tear it down. One thing I'm glad that is not an issue in UT. Good luck! I hope they can work something out for you. That's so frustrating!

Jane @ Poppiness said...

Termites!?! Ugh that whole situation sounds awful. I'm confused, are you in on post housing? And, you had to put down a deposit? I hope you guys can figure something out to get moved out of there. It sounds like crappy living conditions!

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