Thursday, May 2, 2013

Missus Elle.

Welcome to my new blog!! I know right, I've changed it again, but I needed to! I needed something fresh and sparkly and girlie! As you can see my lovely blog designer did just that!!

I also changed my name to Missus Elle. One of my favorite bloggers came up with the name and I just love it! It suits me way better!

I've had a few things going on this week so I know I've been lacking in blogging, but don't worry you'll be caught up soon!!

But if your looking for a great new design head on over to Poppiness Designs! Jane did a fantastic job and not to mention this girl is so cute and fun!

Well ya'll I'm going to catch up with you later!!


Mrs. Duh said...

I love the new look and the new name!!

Jane @ Poppiness said...

I'm so glad you love it! It's so you with all the pink and sparkles. Thanks for being such a blast to work with!

Chantal said...

Yaaaaay! I love the name! Of course I do ;);)

Jen said...

I love all of it! :) Yay for a new name and new look.

Munchkins and the Military said...

OMG!! Totally love it!! I loved your previous design, but I love this one so much more!! Jane always does a fantastic job!!

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