Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Suzy Q

Dear Suzy,

Seems like this letter comes up so fast. I'm glad I have a space to write you, even though you'll never receive it. Today marks 13 years since you left us, every day I think of you and that will never go away. I can't watch video's or look at pictures without wanting to cry. Though as time goes on I know that it gets a little easier, I'll never stop missing you or loving you, but I now feel peaceful knowing that your always around me. Sometimes I swear I can feel it.

I sometimes think about all the things your missing out on, but your not missing out on anything, you really are here. Your in my heart, mind and your in the air with us all. You maybe in a better place, in a heaven with no hurt, but your there to help me through my struggles and sometimes that's all I need is to know you're here.

I will spend this day doing what I normally do, taking care of Evelyn and missing you and home. But I know I'll find myself listening to some songs that remind me of you, maybe even watch She's All That just because that's what we would do together. I might even watch the video I made for the family after you died. You see how much I cry during that, but its just because I know that I have that with me, and that is who you were. It brings so many memories back to me..some that are gone are gone forever, but I can't wait to hear the stories when we meet again.

I know this year you've been joined in heaven by a few friends of yours and of mine. Tell them hi and that I love them all. I know you have probably seen my unborn child, and you've probably held it in your arms. It just makes having children that much more special to me. You loved them before I even knew them.

I miss you Suzy. I wish you were here all the time. We will be together forever someday.

Love your amazing special little sister,


Chantal said...

Sweet letter. I can tell how much you love her!

Jen said...

Thinking of you today! Hugs!

The Mrs. in Stilettos said...

Beautiful letter! Hugs!!!

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