Friday, August 16, 2013

The day I took this photo.

I look at this photo and smile. Really... its my kid in a cart with a bunch of things and Evelyn is crying. Most people would assume that Evelyn is exhausted and wants to get out of her cart. But what really happened was Evelyn did amazing all day! We went to the consignment sale, an hour early to make sure we'd end up with a shopping cart. Evelyn enjoyed looking at all the toys, helping me along the way and playing doctor with my necklaces. Until I saw this shopping cart... and I just knew I had to grab it! $5 was a steal to me since all the ones I've seen are $20 or more and because I know how much Evelyn loves shopping carts and baby strollers I picked it up for Christmas and the moment I did she wanted that cart. She bawled and bawled, and considering this was my very last thing I picked up you can only see the sadness on her face from knowing she had been so good but still had to wait to play with her new toy. Mommy saying "hunny its ok! I promise you, you can play with it later" was even worse for her. Its really the simple things in life that make kids happy. I did allow her to play with it when we got home, I mean seriously how could I not, she was so good for 2 whole hours! Its such a cute picture that I will cherish forever. Its the simple things in life for kids.


Chantal said...

She is so cute. Penny would do the same thing!

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