Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Zoo Day!

This weekend was a 4 day for P, some sort of training holiday.. or AKA lets take a few days off. Seems like lately our weekends fill up fast and go by fast, and with P getting ready to leave for a little bit, and a baby on the way it seems like life is just going by fast! I'm not too sure how I feel about it, but I'm trying to soak it up as much as I can.

On Monday it was P's morning to sleep in, while he slept Ev and I watched some morning cartoons and picked up the house a bit. Suddenly P comes out of the room and says "Let's go to the Zoo today"... so of course because I know how much she LOVES the Zoo, I said Ok. Suddenly the diaper bag was packed and we were all ready to go and off we went! The trip to the Zoo was 2 hours and luckily Evelyn took a little nap on the way to the Zoo.

P has never gone with us to the Zoo before. Every time I have taken Evelyn, we have been in Utah and either P wasn't with us or he was only there a short amount of time.

The NC Zoo is pretty nice. In Utah the exhibits are pretty close so its not a huge Zoo.. but this Zoo has a ton of walking! Up hill, down hill, side hills, front hills... you get the picture right? They even have a tram! Came in handy for me since the Zoo is split into two parts. Let me just say walking for 5 hours with a hard belly and a little girl in-between your hips can get tiring! and I am not even that far along! We didn't have to take more then maybe 2 breaks though so not too bad.

Evelyn was just in love with the Giraffes, Sea Otters and the Polar Bear. She loves Elephants too, but the thing with a big Zoo is that they have bigger habitats for the animals, great for them.. but not so great for my little 2 year old. The Elephant was far enough away to Evelyn that she couldn't see and has its back turned to us. Such a bummer! They also had a dinosaur exhibit and Evelyn LOVED the thing. She was in awe of the dinosaurs and wasn't scared at all. But Evelyn did not like the Triceratops.. as soon as it made a noise, she darted straight to Dad. But T-Rex... no biggie.

But it was very much a fun day for the family! Something perfect to end the weekend, right before P leaves us for a few weeks. Heres a few pictures of the day.


Chantal said...

This makes me want to go to the zoo!!

Munchkins and the Military said...

Yay for the zoo! Great photos! I regret never going when we were in GA

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