Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 month appointment

Before I get started on Ev's appointment let me just say.....
HELLO OCTOBER!!! Finally you are here!
This is the month my very best friend comes home! And hopefully for longer then 12 months! Also Halloween is my favorite month!
Which btw, I got the "go ahead" to get a laptop! So hopefully by Monday I'll be up and blogging again!

Ev's appointment went so well! She's growing like a weed!
11 lbs 12 oz (34%)
22.5 inches long! (75%)
I'm really lucky to be her momma!

Her shots sucked! I was so nervous about them...I ended up having to go alone, but it made me be forced to be a big girl! I am so proud of Evelyn. Of course she screamed, but she did really good! The nurse helped a lot since she did them so fast.
Her pediatrician was amazing with her! Even with me! He's a million times better then my actual doctor! He knew I had Post-Pardom Depression and knew I wasn't taking anything for it. He understood my reasons and said that he'd recommend me to therapy! Which I've done numerous times in the past, so I was all for it! I even got to meet my therapist that day. Seriously I need to just call him when I need to get checked.
I start my therapy next friday, and the lady is super nice! I am so excited to have her as a therapist! Its always hard to connect with some therapists and she was super nice, and reminded me of my mom. So I am all for this!
I am really looking forward to getting a new laptop today! And hopefully up and blogging...and pinning, again in no time!


Kaylee said...

So happy it went well :) Good luck in therapy, I love my counselor and it really helps so much to have that person to talk to!

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