Tuesday, September 11, 2012


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I remember the day as if it were yesterday. Walking into my 7th Grade Utah History class and watching the buildings be hit..walking down the hallway to hearing the news on the radios. Learning that we were under attack.

At the time in my life I dont think I ever knew how close I could be to the soldiers who are now protecting our freedoms. To those who I grew up with and graduated with, to the man I married. I have met many men who enlisted on 9/11. And sadly have had the pleasure of meeting men who went to war and lost their lives. Words cannot and never will describe what it feels like to have known these men and to have known many hero's. My husband will never know the effect he has on me, and how he has made me so much more prouder to be an American. I am blessed beyond words to have my husband still here with me and to know these men. You all are always in my heart!

God Bless America.
Big thank you to everyone who has served and will serve.
Those who have lost their lives protecting our freedoms.
And those who are mourning their deaths.
Never. Ever. Forgotten.


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