Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Curvy Coming Back.

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I have updated my blog many times talking about my struggles with weightloss and diet. My most recent weight-loss attempt was a diet called FA...Food Addicts and its basically no sugar and no flour. I did excelent and lost 10 pounds! with in the first 2 weeks.

With Holidays fastly approching and all the yummy goodies on Pintrest I am dying to make, I have started figuring out ways to stick to my diet while also being able to indulge in the holidays...especially with pumpkin MMM.

So before I start making all these yummy goodies. I am practicing myself control...with bread. I know shocker right? I'm eating bread. Holy shit.

Luckily its been working out good for me! I am not tempted to eat sugar too often. I have had cake...right I know another holy shit moment. I eat a small slice and its one slice. Boom.

I havent weighed myself...mainly because when I was in Oklahoma it was kinda hard to follow my diet when I didnt have a kitchen or a big fridge...but I ate light meals as much as I could.

My husband even noticed my curves! I havent felt curvey in a long time and I love that I am starting to getting my curves back! I loved having  a flat tummy and my beautiful curves!

I even made a running mix....ok I dont run but I want to one day its more like an "I'm gonna one day run until then this is awesome music mix".


Jen said...

Yay for getting your curves back! :)

Audrey Spence said...

Awesome job! I just started doing my biggest loser stuff again. Of course I haven't been able to exercise the way I want. Scott's been getting home too late this week and I don't have a way to transport both kids with me. I think I have enough money saved now though to get the bike trailer I want that also is a jogging stroller. So yahoo! Yay to losing weight the most difficult time of the year! I'm a sucker for the sweet treats of fall and its worse when you love to cook. Its gonna be tough! :)

Mrs. Duh said...

Way to go! I'm not a runner either, but I've been working on it... it's been a slow process. Congrats on getting your curves back!

Morgan Neal said...

You'll hve to start slow then we can go running together;)

Lou said...

LIZ!! I am so proud of you!!! How awesome! What a defeat! Love the new blog desing it fabulous and evelyn is adorable!

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