Friday, September 7, 2012

My Trip to OK

I didnt take too many photos. I mainly went for Labor Day weekend. P was supposta have a 4 day weekend, well technically we assumed. But he got a 3 day weekend. Sucked but you know thats really how it goes.

I got to do one bloggy meet up with Jamie @ This is Me; Consequently. It was fun to go eat at a local resturant! I thought the food and fries were to die for!! Evelyn even ate her Grilled Chesse which is seriously impressive with her pickyness. Jamie has a daughter a little older then Evelyn and we took them to Jamies house to play for a bit, and it surprised me so much how much they enjoyed eachother! Evelyn is never around kids her age very often, so when she is she usually doesnt like them...she thinks she is a big kid. But they had a blast playing with the Elmo Guitar and taking and giving toys to eachother! It was too funny!!

If you didnt know Fort Sill is the Home of the Field Artillery...and thats what my husband is! I love learning about what he does! So we had the chance to go check out the Field Artillery museum!
The museum was pretty empty so we let Evelyn run around while P and I checked out everything. The man working at the Museum gave Evelyn her first political figure doll...Abe. She loved him.
My Husband was pretty much in heaven at the museum! So many cool cannons all over the place, and he has been to Fort Sill for training before but he hadn't ever been to the museum so it was fun to check out together. Across the yard they had a huge field of tanks and cannons, but Oklahoma is still in 100 degree and above weather so we avoided it. Although I am bummed we didnt check it out.

Like I said yesterday a few of our friends from Fort Riley were doing training with P here and a few had just moved here. So we got to hang out and reminice on old times at Fort Riley. I'll probably always miss that place...I made some great friends there.

We drove to OKC to eat at our favorite resturant in Manhattan, KS called HuHot! Mongolian BBQ! Oh its delish! Evelyn loved it! Then we went to Jamba Juice! The things the East Coast doesnt have astonishes me! I love Jamba Juice!!

P came back to the hotel room for lunch the day we left, and we got to take a million and one pictures. I got a new phone since the last time we were together so I needed some. I love to show Evelyn pictures of her Daddy so it was needed!
P left me with the car so I could run to the Commisary and get a few things for the plane. What he didnt know was I went and got him a ton of treats and drinks for him to enjoy himself. I usually like to assume that he is sad when I leave...and by that I mean like in the movies where they cry and cry! But my husband isnt like that. He is sad we left but he knows we only got a few more weeks left. But he got comfort food anyways!
I put sushi and dr. pepper in the fridge for him.
Now Evelyn and I are back in Utah...finishing up our final weeks of this 3 month seperation. I'm very blessed to of had a Mom who paid for Ev and I to go see P for a few days! I seriously have the best parents ever. I'm super glad she's coming back to NC with me for 10 days! because we recently found out that P will be going to the field right after he gets yay for another week seperted. I love the damn army. LOL. But I am glad to have someone there to keep my company and someone to show around! 


Chantal said...

Looks like fun! Glad it was a good little trip!

____j said...

So glad I got to meet you! Hopefully our paths will cross again since both our husbands are FA!

Katie said...

Looks like a great trip! Hey I gave you an award on my blog! Go check it out. :)

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