Friday, September 21, 2012

Ready to Go!!

I have seriously offically decided I am never coming home this long..(unless its a family emergancy) ever again. I love my family and I love my friends but holy crap!! Its alot to be in someone elses home and sadly even it is your parents house your out of your comfort zone.

Latley when I say..."YES! Its almost time to go home I cannot wait!!!" people respond with... "how rude", "oh", "geeze thanks"...ya no offence to the people who swore up and down they would see me all the time and saw me once maybe twice...even not at all, but I miss my life with my husband, and me getting ready to go back to Bragg is like HUGE! 3 months are over with and I can go be a normal---ish family with my hunny bunches again!

I am offically a week away from leaving Utah and going back to NC, so lots of packing is to be done! Lots of shipping is to be done! Evelyn grew out of one size of clothing and she had a birthday, and I am a sucker for buying her anything. Plus I did all my crafts and I did alot of Halloween shopping.

My mom (along with my sister) is coming back with me to Bragg for 10 days! She never takes vacations this long! But I am so flipping happy someone is coming back with me and will help me with Evelyn on the plane and to babysit at least once!

Lets go time!! I hate wishing time away but I am so ready to have my family back together!


Chantal said...

I understand wanting to get out of there! It's nice to be at your own home.

Jen said...

I know what you mean, it's nice to see family but even nicer to be in your own space. :)

Lou said...

I understand to much time around family can be alot...Im planning a trip to go be with my trying to figure out the perfect amount of time!! aha

____j said...

Glad you're finally getting to head back home! It will be so nice to get back to your normal routine and feel comfortable again.

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