Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the chair climb.

Since Evelyn discovered how to climb up on chairs and couches there have been bruises all over the top of her head. Its been a ball.

I mean that too. As sucky as it is to hear Evelyn cry because she fell from wiggling too much, or while she was climbing she slipped at bonked her head I also know this is a learning experience for her.

Dont worry hastey quick to judge other's moms...I am right there or someone else is. Usually she doesnt fall but she has her moments where she does. Sometimes I am lucky enough to catch her or I take my eyes off her for a second and I miss her. I dont litterally let her hit her head on purpous so she'll learn a lesson. After a kiss and a hug she is right back to climbing her chair and conquoring the next object.
It is pretty fun to watch her. Currently as I write this she is behind me trying to climb my mom's office chair, having a hard time since the thing moves. Oh well what do you know shes up!

See what she did? such a big girl!
Anyways...so since Evelyn has now conquered how to sit in her seat, and how to get out of it. I am now starting to love this little mini toddler stage. Its a blast...but so were all the other stages. She is just getting too big too fast!


Audrey Spence said...

Charlotte was always getting bruises on her head from our coffee table. And I don't care how much you watch them, they will still find ways to get hurt. You can't ever totally protect them unless you follow them around every single second of the day. Yeah... not gonna happen unless you're in a diaper too. But that's life with a toddler :) It sure is fun but yeah... lots of bumps and bruises!

Jen said...

She is too cute and looks so happy that she is mobile. :)

Chantal said...

Let her explore! A few bruises aren't bad, right? That's my philosophy anyway haha

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