Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Evelyns View of Love.

You hear it all the time how important it is for your child to see their parents happy and in love. Wether the parents are together or not, your child learns from how you act. Its something I think about alot. I grew up never seeing my parents fight, sure they got into little arguments about how the living room set up, but nothing such as raising voices and storming off because they are mad. Its something I have always wanted to do with my kids. There really is no need to raise your voice, especially when your child is around. But I grew up raising my voice louder and louder trying to get my angry teenage selfs point across. I've kinda stayed that way too. Usually when P and I are arguing I raise my voice and he raises his and then it turns into yellin over eachother type of deal. Usually we stop it when we see Evelyn staring at us, and take it down a few notches. We've gotten alot better with it too! Which is good! Its a work in process from me being the right one all the time, and from P who's always witnessed fights, but we noticed it and we are trying.

Sometimes when I try to look through Evelyn's eyes and see what she is seeing this is what I think she see's.

For one she see's her mother who's working on the house, playing on her phone too much (not so much since I quit FB and Twitter!), making dinner, teaching her things and a playmate. She see's her Dad who is gone too much, but is the best playmate when he comes home, who is on his phone too much (we are working on that), who loves to throw her in the air, and cuddle her to death.

She see's alot of love we give her. But what about the love between P and I...what does she see?

She see's us stealing kisses through out the day, always saying I love you before we leave, cuddles on the couch, holding hands in the car, dancing in the kitchen ust because we can, she see's arguments sometimes but she also see's us appologize and make up for it, the random gifts we give eachother even if its just a beer after work, and best of all the tickles, smiles and laughs we have with eachother.

I had never really though about how my child would see love in this world. I grew up with an amazing example of love. P didn't have so much luck. I'm glad that this is a huge example we can set for Evelyn so easily. Just by being us we show her what she should look for in a husband one day, how a man should treat her, and that her parents love and respect eachother.


Jen said...

Such a wonderful example you can set for her. :)

Chantal said...

How sweet! You guys are doing the best job for her :)

Katie F said...

Awesome post Liz. You guys are amazing parents

Katie F said...

Oh and I so need to delete twitter and fb from my phone

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