Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taking a Break.

I decided about oh...a month ago that I should take a break from Social Media. I have become very addicted to my iphone. I'm on it all the time, to the point where I am charging it at least twice a day. Evelyn is also addicted to my phone, ipad and so on and so forth. I dont mind letting her play some games on my phone, but she has it to the point of throwing a fit if I don't let her have it when I'm using it. So I decided that since my biggest addiction/app's on my phone that I use is Twitter and Facebook that I should delete the apps off my phone.

I just think that my addition and reading everyones point of views on every detail in the world, and especially the Military and Parenting world has really effected me. While I find that alot of articals that parents I admire post are very helpful, I also see people ragging on people who can't breastfeed, disapline kids and loads of other stuff and I just can't make myself feel bad about the parent I am anymore. I disapline Evelyn, yes I do. I put her in time out and we have the 3 strike system to time out. But Evelyn gets a talk too before anything is done as far as disapline, and I do disapline depending on how much she needs to learn the boundrie, such as playing in my cleaning supplies or not listening. So far my system is working. Not ashamed of it either. She's learning, and I dont mind her exploring, but there are somethings that are No No's in my book and she will learn that its unacceptable. But then I love to read the articals about how I should be more patient and listen more to her too, even if she's not very vocal I still know what Evelyn is telling me. Patience is something I know I need to work on with her, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed.

So I deleted my apps a few days ago, and I tell you its so nice to have a break! Its nice not knowing every detail about lives, and knowing every single personal oppion about something. Its nice to feel like I am going back to me.

I kept my Instagram, because how could I not? I mean I gotta show off Evelyn somehow, and you know its been nice! I still get to see some of my blogger friends cute kids, and know a bit about whats going on with them. I still get to show my brothers Evelyn, and whats going on in our lives here. Its nice!

I don't really plan of ever going back to Twitter or Facebook. I'm enjoying not endulging in my addiction and I really dont want it back. I feel more apart of the family now that my face is not burried in my phone when we are relaxing. I may not know whats going on with my favorite celebs or know most of your little stories thoughout the day. But I think your ok with that :)


Laurie Tester said...

I gave up Facebook for Lent and it's been great. I deleted the app, too. I kept my Twitter, but mostly because I just don't use it as much and it's not as addictive to me. I have become a Pinning Fool on Pinterest. One bad habit for another?
Happy Tuesday!

Audrey Spence said...

It's funny because I've been feeling the same. I don't have a smart phone so that helps but I've really been wanting to work on some spring cleaning so when its nice and warm out I can be outside with my kids and do stuff in the yard. There is family history stuff I'd like to start working on. I think spring kind of brings out a need for change. Good for you for getting out of all that stuff. Oh and can I just say Army Wives is killing me this season! :)

Jen said...

I think it's awesome that you are doing this. :) Good for you for sticking with it.

Munchkins and the Military said...

I can't pry myself away from Twitter just yet, but I haven't really been on Facebook in months & it feels great!

Jessa said...

I deleted Twitter and Facebook from my phone at the end of February. I even went so far as to deactivate both for about 10 days. I have them both back now and running, but not on my phone. I now look at Facebook once or twice a day from my computer and I find it's way more than enough. It's exhausting to even use it anymore. As for Twitter, I just send in tweets via text and reply to whatever comes back to me. Instagram I <3 too much, so I haven't been able to give it up. It's like micro blogging, and I really, really enjoy it.

Chantal said...

Ugh I deleted Facebook and then downloaded it again. I was weak. I need to just do it... maybe I should say I'll delete it until my birthday (which is in about 3 weeks) and then if I still want it, I'll put it back on?

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