Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The randoms.

So now that March is here...that happened fast. I am in the process of preparing for almost everything I can think of.

This month my parents are coming for 10 days with my little sister! This is when we will be going to DC for Easter too. I'm so stoked for my parents to come! I feel like I never see them anymore. Plus they are spending Easter with me and I can show my cooking off to my Dad! My Mom was just here in October and I haven't seen my Dad since September so I'm stoked to see them! I got lots to do, like cleaning out the guest room, taking things to goodwill and arranging everything. Pretty much Spring Cleaning.

Next month my MIL is coming. Even though we had to pay for her flight, and I have not been very happy about it, I am glad P gets to see his Mom. He hasn't seen her since Decemer 2011, and I'm sure he is glad to pay for it. While I am upset about paying for things for her, I am trying to get over it and realize that this is just our life with her. She can't afford to really do much and she's just that type of a person, and I am going to have to get used to it. The last few times she's visited us she wasn't very nice to me, and even if I had just given birth to her first Grandchild she still ignored me and put me and my feelings on the back burner. I've told P that I have no hopes and wishes that she'll be nice to me, but that I dont want to keep flying her to see us when she's just uncomfortable with me, and since most of the time she's at our house she is with me. But this will be during P's 4 day weekend so hopefully it will go good.

My mouth is still in a ton of pain, and I'm going to the oral suregon to get checked out. I'm worried about dry sockets and can barelly open my mouth.

I have been enjoying the down time, but really hate that I'm not so up and going in the mornings with Evelyn since I am icing and heating and taking meds and then by afternoon I'm pretty ok. But taking her to the parks or letting her run around is not high on my agenda since I have been feeling pretty "high" on my meds, and while I wish I had a backyard witha fence to just let her run around and play I don't. I'm glad Evelyn is so forgiving and is really ok with just coloring, playing with Play Doh, playing with toys, reading books and watching movies with me. Its nice to take it easy. While my mouth hasn't put the rest of my body out of commision it sure does feel like it. This pain is no freaking joke! I'm glad I can still stimulate her without needing to take her somewhere right now. Hopefully by next week I'll be up to it and we can go to the really cool park with the lake :)

Has anyone else been freaking about Easter? I think since Christmas, I've been taking holidays way more seriously. P thinks I am a weirdo cause I dont just buy the pre-made Easter baskets, I never had one when I was a kid, so I am perfectly fine getting Evelyn her own personalized basket. I've already got her a few things, and I'm almost done! But I cannot wait to do Easter eggs with her and a little Easter egg hunt! Its going to be fun!!


Munchkins and the Military said...

I honestly haven't even thought twice about Easter. I've pinned some cute stuff that I might do, like baskets for the girls, but that's really it.
Good luck with the MIL. I always get pushed aside when she's here bc the little trolls that came out of my vag are more important.
Hope you feel better soon!

Jen said...

I am dreading Easter this year because of my Moms anniversary so we have no plans to do anything.

Good luck with your MIL, mine is coming in May and I really don't want her to.

Mrs. Duh said...

I love Easter! Putting together baskets is one of my favorite things! I really hope you get feeling better soon... having your wisdom teeth out is no fun and dry sockets are the worst!

Chantal said...

I already know what I'm getting Penny for Easter! Kinda excited.

Ash@Life As Lucy said...

i'm dreading easter but i'm going to be without my husband and one kid short. really i could care less this year. i'm getting fit too so not like i can even enjoy candy lol. we may just skip it aside from the Jesus lesson and church.

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