Friday, March 1, 2013

Wisdom Teeth.

**Thanks for all the wonderful comments you gave me on my last post! You guys are seriously the best readers!!**

Well my plan today was to write a post...but I didnt..until now.

I was supposta get my wisdom teeth out next Friday...but if your not following me on twitter, instagram or a friend of mine on FB, you'd know I got them out TODAY!

I wasn't too nervous until I got into the back room with the evil chair and the assistances started hooking me up to things. I finally just started feeling like I needed to get out of that chair, and I even told one of the DA's that I needed to get out of the chair and didnt want to do this. They had the heart monitor hooked up to me and they could tell I was stressing out, so I asked them to go get P for me. They were happy to do so, and when P and Ev got in the room I was immediatly calm! Made life much better for me, and then the DA's and Dentist were super nice in calming me down after they left by talking about how cute Evelyn was. Next thing I knew after they made a vein colapse and hooked my IV up and started the medicine I noticed the vent above my head moving and being told that it was "normal" for the vent to move....I woke up walking out the door and asking where my teeth were. Thats about all I remember until I got home. At some point we were at a pharmacy, the gas station getting Gatorade and then I was in my kitchen taking my percecet. Oh and I had sent out texts and Instagramed a photo of me... this one.
Thanks for not making fun of me. I know it looks like I have a giant tampon in my mouth.

I'm glad I did it, and it wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. But oh man I'm glad they let P and Ev come see me, because I was so close to jumping out of that chair and saying "EFF THIS!!"

Now I am in my bed taking it easy. Trying to remember I dont get breaks like these very often and after all my anxiety this is a good break. I'm glad I have such a supportive husband who's just completly taken my role and let me relax. He's gone above and beyond what he could be doing, like offering to get me KFC mashed potatoes finding me some soft chocolate so I can have a little treat, and really he's just been amazing.

I should be feeling better in a few days, and I plan on reading, watching my TiVO, blogging and maybe throw in a bubble bath. Its a crappy way to have a break, but its a break. Even if I seriously miss Evelyn like crazy, she just is too rough with my face when she wants kisses, I still make sure to pop out of the room and see her and see what her and P are doing. Hopefully I can come up with some good ideas for blogs :)

Have a happy weekend everyone!!


Jen said...

Ok I have to laugh about the tampon comment haha. So glad P is being incredibly helpful just relax and take is east over the weekend. :)

Munchkins and the Military said...

Hahahaha! That picture is awesome!! I'm so glad that my wisdom teeth don't exist. They'd have to tie me down to the chair. Your experience sounds a million times better than other horror stories I've heard.

Munchkins and the Military said...

Enjoy your drugs and rest ;)

Chantal said...

Hahaha giant tampon. That's great. Get better soon! I remember what it was like!

Anonymous said...

Aw man, I was in ROUGH shape when I got my wisdom teeth removed, I feel your pain! Hope recovery is quick!

Kim said...

I've been there too! Hope you feel better soon. :)

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