Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Cleaning List.

I don't know why I am so excited for Sprng cleaning this year...maybe because we will have lived in one house for a whole year for the 1st time ever, so its my first time. Or because I have so many guests coming before Mothers Day that I feel the need to clean my butt off.

But either way, I am an organized person usually, so of course I was jumping on making my list. For the last few weeks I was putting it together in my head what needed to be done, and this is my list :)

§  Bathroom Closet/Cabinets organized and cleaned out.

§  3rd bedroom closet organized and cleaned out.

§  Evelyn’s closet cleaned out and organized.

§  Hallway closet cleanout and organized.

§  Kitchen cabinets cleaned out, organized and things going to Goodwill.

§   Carpets cleaned.

§  Washboards washed. (use fabric softener sheets)

§  Cleaning supplies organized and put in Laundry closet.

§  Go through Storage room (mostly Evelyn’s clothes)

§  Go through Evelyn’s toys to be donated.

§  Find storage solution for Evelyn’s stuffed animals.

§  Go through Paul’s and Liz’s drawers. Donate unwanted clothes.

§  Clean freezer.

§  Vacuum couch. Static spray couch. Febreeze couch.

§  Wash pillows. Clean mattresses.
Lots for me to do...but strangely..I'm way freaking excited! Whats on your list?


Jen said...

I love Spring cleaning, it makes me soooo happy! haha.

Chantal said...

I need to make a list!!

Munchkins and the Military said...

I love fabric softener sheets for the base boards!! Yesterday was my favorite cleaning day ever! Seriously so great with no kids around! Idk how many stuffed animals E has, but I remember growing up, my parents had this net thing hanging in the corner of my brothers' room where they threw the stuffed animals all up into. Or a hangy thing from the ceiling with clips to clip their ears or hands or tags or something.

Munchkins and the Military said...

BTW! I nominated you for an award on my page! Hope you're having a good weekend! (:

James Wood said...

Wow, it could serve as a good check list during cleaning. If you please tell me about selection of natural cleaning products, I would be grateful to you!

Audrey Spence said...

Ah stuffed animals! I had the same problem. Then I remembered when I was a kid my parent's had a net for me that fit in the corner of my room. So I got Charlotte one. That way she's not throwing them around everywhere and they're off the floor and leaving room in her closet. It's been so nice to not have them taking other space so now she can leave up her princess tent then have her net in the other corner.

Kim said...

I just got the spring cleaning bug this week since the weather was so nice and managed to clean some today. I wish I had started with a list though! :)

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