Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It can get confusing.

I never thought much of disapline or anything of the sorts when I was pregnant. Most woman, that are probably older then me, research alot of parenting books, take classes and learn from friends on how to be a better parent. Me? Nope. All I knew was that Evelyn was going to be the perfect child! And since I had a little terror of a nephew I knew I did not want her to be like him.

Since Evelyn has gotten to the stage of needing more boundries and probably more disapline, I've been confused on what I want to do.

Do I want to spank her? Do I do time outs? If so where do I do them? How do you know when she's just overly upset or when she's just super mad? How do you get a child that is this mad to calm down?

So far I've really gone with my gut at the moment...but I can understand how it would confuse Evelyn. Right now, she does not have much listening skills...and I am not sure how to improve that for her. I try to grab her attention and get her to listen and talk nice...but lets face it, a toddler who is mad your trying to stop them from chewing on a cord, is not in the mood to listen to you. Time outs have happened a few times, but usually its because she can't calm down and needs to just have an area to cool off. I have swatted her butt a few times, when she is doing things that are HUGE no no's. I know she's learning, and I know she is soaking in all this information now, so I know I need to be confident in my disaplining with her.

But anyways, I am working on this. Parenting turns out to be a whole different world once you have that child in your arms. I've been really asking for my parent's advice and they will be here this week so I will have lots of time to get some ideas and help from them. I think that's one thing I need is for my parents who raised 6 kids to give me advice on how to parent better.

I know I'll figure it out soon, and while usually I feel like I have pretty steady feet with this parenting "gig" I know that its a learning process too and every child is different and I just need to learn what is best for Evelyn, P and myself.


Chantal said...

We're taking the Love and Logic approach to discipline, as best we can. You should read the book!

Jen said...

You will figure out what works best for you. :)

Audrey Spence said...

It's funny I just watched this clip from Portlandia that made me laugh. It was parents taking different approaches to dealing with their kids based on all these different parenting books. But in the end it basically said follow your instincts and do what you know is best for you and all these parenting books are crap. It's really funny. But pretty true I think. Every kid is different and deals with situations differently so you'll figure out what works for you and her and it'll be good. As long as you don't let her walk all over you I'm sure you'll be fine :)

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