Monday, March 4, 2013

March? July? Next year?

I've talked a few times about P re-enlisting this upcoming year. His window is open and he has been just waiting for the 1st SGT...or someone, to transfer out the unit so he can re-enlist and get orders to somewhere else. This person is leaving the unit this month so P said he was going to try this month, even though he is obligated to this unit until July 20th of this year. Then last night, P says what if I wait until next year?....WHAT?!

Seriously you guys. I dont know how many times I can say "P hates it here and can't wait to leave" and then for him to say "What if we wait until next year"...just seriously babe. No.

I feel like I should almost take control of this situation. I wasn't planning on him doing anything until July, just incase someone decided to cancel his orders or whatever...I don't know the whole deal. But then he tells me March...ok then March, whatever...Next year? umm no.

I dont feel like listening to him whine for another year about how bad it sucks here.

Ugh men. He needs to just make up his mind.

But good news for us though, is P got permission to wear his old unit's crest on his Dress Blues, from Fort Riley, which means wecan have the chance to go back to Fort Riley, which we wouldn't really mind. Or go to Hawaii! Bonus on both parts but I think we like the chances that we could possibly go to Hawaii one day :) All part of the adventure!


Jen said...

That doesn't make sense for him to stay if he doesn't like it there. Hmmm men! lol

Kim said...

It's great that you and P are openly talking about all the possibilities. My husband and I usually have to sit down and make a pros and cons list for him to make decisions about the Army! Lol. Men!

Chantal said...

Remind him how miserable he's been! Crazy guy. Hawaii is fun!

Ash@Life As Lucy said...

permission? he is allowed to wear any crest he chooses - at least that's how it has always been for us! I hope he and you both get everything you ever dreamed of. I know what it's like to feel "stuck" in a shitty place with shitty people. I wish you the best <3

Amanda said...

Make sure y'all don't wait too long! When Rob reenlisted there was 4 slots available for his rank and MOS. He filled one.. and the other three filled up within the week after they became available. You don't want that to happen to you guys!

Men are silly... like hello, you complain all of the time but you want to what?!

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