Monday, April 29, 2013

Prom Queen.

If you at all follow me on Instagram or are even a FB friend of mine, you'd know that recently my little sister got asked to Prom! If your a new follower of mine, my little sister was born very pre-mature and wasn't supposta make it past the age of 3, well this girl just turned 18 this month! She's come a long way! She has serve mental and physical disabilities but she's still just an angel!!

I was so happy someone in her special needs class (an aid) asked her to prom! This is one of the downsides to not living at home, I was so bummed I couldn't be apart of this special day with her. Apparently they do this with a lot of the special needs kids in her class, so they all went in a group date with the teachers as well. They do a ton of things like this as well such as Halloween Parties, beauty pageants (which my sister has done and won Miss Congeniality this year) movie nights and so on and so forth. I had no idea they did this, and I was in high school like 6 years ago!...WOAH.

Well a few days later I got a text from my mom saying that Alisha was nominated for Prom Court! How neat is that?! We were all so happy for her!

So Friday night was Prom night, and my parents went to watch the Promenade and see my sister be introduced as a Junior (my Dad was actually her escort). They saw my sister dance and play around with all the other kids in her class and they said she just had a blast.

Finally it was time to announce who won the Prom Queen...and they announced my sisters name! From what my parents said the whole room roared with clapping and yelling! They said she even loved to dance with the Prom King and everyone just clapped so hard for her!

I am unbelievably touched by these kids! From what my sisters teacher told my parents Alisha won by a landslide! Its such an amazing experience for this girl! She might not remember it in a few days or weeks but to give her something like that is a beautiful gift! I couldn't be more happy and proud of her! She's been the biggest angel in our lives!


Jen said...

The video you posted on FB this morning seriously had me in tears. Your sister is an amazing person! :)

Chantal said...

Yay! Good for her!!

Race and Aly Warburton said...

I saw this in the news and all over facebook, I'm so happy for your sister and family! And it's awesome Tooele did something so classy :) Alisha seriously deserves it!

Mrs. Duh said...

This is so wonderful! It brought tears to my eyes.

Amanda said...

I have loved seeing all of the pictures you have posted! I love it when kids can be supportive of others in their class. Making for some well-rounded adults!

Megan said...

This gave me goosebumps! How cool! And that was very cool of her classmates to vote for her! Congrats to your sister! She looks absolutely beautiful!

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