Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So we got an email from our FRG leader the other day saying a soldier had died. It happened in a town near by so we all pretty much assumed the soldier died in a car wreck. He had obviouslly just gotten home and it was probably drunk driving...it happens right?
Yesterday I was watching The Today Show when they did the Kansas segment....the soldier was shot. Murder pops into my head...its not that great of an area that he was in.
Last night my friend was watching the news when I got this text message..

"Yeah I guess some dumb soldiers were playing russian toulette with a 9 mil and a soldier got shot"

really?? you just got back from war...they had so many attacks happen on their JSS and 6 people died. 1 of which I knew and you come home and play a game that will take your life. A stupid game at that.

I totally feel awful for the family, its a horrible thing they have to go through, especially since this soldier just barelly got home and then does something so dumb like that. But really honestly...this soldier and the others who were playing with him are retards.
My friend who died was almost married a whole year, almost ready to come home on R&R and he died. His wife is truely an amazing person! I think of her and him everyday and then she has to hear a story of people taking advantage of their lives like this. Its just not right. Life is so unfair.


Beckie said...

I understand your feelings on that matter because it sucks and it's hard to see why someone would do that right after they were lucky enough to get home safe. Unfortunately, it's a common thing for soldiers coming back to engage in risk-taking behaviors. Tons of them come home only to end up getting hurt or killed doing "stupid" things like driving way too fast, cliff diving, whatever. For a long time they've been in danger and had the adrenaline of combat, and they can miss that and seek it out. Some may feel invincible since they just survived a horrific war. Some might be depressed or have feeling of anger or survivor's guilt and not have much regard for their own safety. It's not "retarded" so much as a way, admittedly strange to some other people, of coping while they're trying to reintegrate. That's part of why commands try to keep a close eye on soldiers coming back, because these things (and PTSD and other emotional issues) crop up. It is a sad and senseless death and I feel sorry for his family. But it's not unheard of.

Ashleigh said...

sometimes i think these young soldiers who are single, young, and stupid seem to think they are invincible. my husband has been deployed and he doesnt act like that. i feel terrible for that family. I also feel worse for your friend- how terrible to lose her husband

Kaylee said...

wow, I have no words, his poor family!

Bonnie said...

You would be surprised at what soldiers do right before they leave country and head home and shortly after they get home. There was one soldier in my husband's last unit who loaded a weapon, handed it to another soldier who didn't know it was loaded and had him shoot him. It happens and unfortunately this kind of thing happens a lot. Is it a senseless death? Absolutely. but unless you've been to such an intense environment for as long as these soldiers have, we can't even begin to understand what's like to have to turn that switch off and go back to being in garrison where the rules are much, much different... let alone what they may be feeling from certain experiences from their time deployed.

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