Monday, October 10, 2011


When Evelyn was just over 2 months old we took her to get her ears pierced! Yepp...I am a mean mommy. I know I know. But her ears are done and thats great!! if she wants them out when shes older then she doesnt have to wear them, but at this time she is not messing with them and she looks flipping adorable!

She screamed for a minute but after that she did super good! I was so proud of her!! heres just a peek at the ears.

and also a few more of my little beauty!


Kaylee said...

Awh :) and I love the rock princess outfit, Target? I have the short sleeve black and white one for Harper and I just went and bought her the long sleeve black and white one in the next size up for the rest of the winter :)

Lou said...

god i love her!!

Tanner, Amy, and Alexis said...

HOW CUTE!!! i pierced Lexi's at 3 months old and am soo glad i did, they cant play with them and get them infected, and what girl ISNT going to want them! love them :)

Ashleigh said...

Oh my goodness she is absolutely precious!!

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