Monday, October 24, 2011

ER Visit

Well for my Twitter might have noticed this tweet on Saturday Night....

Optimistic Liz
I'm at the ER for myself. Send me some prayers! Please!!
I am here to explain what happened.
Around 9 o'clock I started having what my PMC called an allergic reaction to something. We didnt know what it was so there wasnt a way of avoiding eating or drinking whatever it was...usually the pain consisted of..
  • Major back pains (worse then contractions)
  • short of breath
  • tightness in chest
Usually when it comes on it takes around 20 minutes to hour later they were worse then ever!

I was on the floor wailing and screaming and crying. I finally txt a friend and told her I needed to go to the ER. So she rushed over...thank the lord she lived on post. She was here in 15 minutes and I was still in pain.
I got to the hospital and no one was there...but 5 minutes into it about 4 people showed up...because I was not rushed back to a room like you would assume they would do with someone could not breath...all the people there got to see me rocking my body back and forth and crying and trying to breathe. But thanksfully no one was worse then me so I got to go back to a room first.

The nurse checked me...blah de blah! A medical student came in and checked me before the doctor and wanted to check my airway...which I might add happened like 5 times the total time I was there and it sucked trying to do that. My airways were clear though so she had my lay on my back and she wanted to check my so as I laid down I screamed in pain!! Sorry neighbors. She rushed out of the room and got my doctor.
The Doctor then  procedded to to do the same thing everyone else did...check airways and heartbeat...he told me he was going to have the nurse give me a muscle relaxor and a shot to stop the pain. As soon as the doctor left, you'd think the nurse would hurry up and get me medication....nope. I sat there about 20 minutes in pain.
As soon as she arrived the shot didnt even hurt! I took my muscle relaxor and I was DONE. No more pain!! Thank goodness!! My friend brought Evelyn in and I fed her and then the doctor came in and told me it was a muscle spasum more then likely. Which was good because the allergy medication I was given, can stop my milk supply...thanks doctor!
I now have to see my PMC (which I cant stand!) and follow up on whats going on. I am 100% sure I am asking for an X-RAY! I want to be sure nothing is wrong with my spine before they treat me with anything! I am not really sure if I should ask for anything else so if you have any suggestions let me know.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I would not ask for an x-ray. To be exposed to all of that radiation is causing more damage than it is good. You had a muscle spasm, and you were experiencing shortness of breath because of it. There is nothing here that warrants an x-ray of your spine because that would only determine if your spine was fractured.

I have to stick up for the nurse here as I am an ER nurse myself - she probably wasn't "holding out" on your pain medicine - it takes time! The doc has to put the order in (which, with my experience, is the part that takes the LONGEST), then pharmacy has to verify the order (they verify your allergies to be sure you can actually take this medication), and then the nurse can pull the medication out of the machine. So don't hold it against your nurse! LOL!

Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you just need to try to rest and take it easy. I know, I know - easier said than done!


Lou said...

holy shit i didnt even see that tweet. so glad you are ok, sorry you have to deal with the p,c which you hate...ughh.

Elizabeth said...

I must have missed that tweet :( Hope you're feeling better! xo!

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