Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall into Fall

I am in love with Fall! Sadly I think Utah has one of the best fall's ever and I am missing out on it! I am pretty bummed Kansas does not have a its not normal one bit! The leaves change colors for a week and then fall off the branches. Some trees cant even make up their minds. Mind you its not picture worthey at all! This is a photo my Dad sent me a few weeks ago at a canyon by our home...
I absolutly love it! I wish I was there. Especially with the mountians. Damn I miss those!

But best thing about Fall is....HALLOWEEN! I am a freak because its my favorite holiday! I love getting my house decked out and seeing all the little one in their costumes! which you better believe Evelyn will be dressed up! But you wont find out what she is until Halloween! She looks adorable in her outfit!

I have always wanted my house to be decked out. Haunted House style for sure! Headstones, fog machine and all! Sadly the fog machine wont work this year since I dont have a outdoor outlet and I dont wanna buy an extention cord for one night...maybe next year. But I finally got my headstones! My husbands the best to let me go all out on the house! Heres just a peak at what the house looks like right now...I have a few things that will go out on Halloween night!


Audrey Spence said...

Oh the mountains are so gorgeous right now! They are just covered in reds and oranges. I swear this is one of the best falls I've seen since I've lived here. Bummed you can't see it but I think your reason is pretty good ;)

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