Friday, October 14, 2011


So inbetween my posts of my house I thought I'd throw in a real update.

I have been having major chest pains which everyone thought was muscle spasums. I couldnt breathe I was on the ground crying and my chest was TIGHT, I litterally thought that something went wrong from my epideral.
I went to the doctor yesterday and he started asking me if I had asthma or a family history of it...NO.
Did I have scoliosis? NO.
Was I allergic to anything other then Sulfa? NO.
 He lifted up the back of my shirt and checked my spine, also checked my lungs, he then noticed I had a rash on my back, which I had no idea was me crazy but I dont have time to stare at my back, let alone even pluck my eyebrows. Turns out I am having an allergic reaction to something...

Crazy...I have only been allergic to Sulfa, which I break out into full body rashes for. He then asked if my diet changed...only to healthier meals I told him. Then he proceded to ask if I had any type of scabs form...yepp! I had them on my arm inbetween the move. So its confirmed...I have another allergic reaction. To what seems to be a mystery. He gave me clariton...which can dry up my milk...yeah not thrilled. I am gonna be downing food! But its better then the chest pains happening when I am driving...again.

Other then that grand ol' news...Paul is VERY VERY close to coming home. OPSEC remember? I cant reveal any information on my husbands return. But I can say its SOON. Evelyn and I are so excited for him to get here! You have no idea how much I am looking forward to an extra pair of hands!
Evelyn and I both have our homecoming outfits, her's I cannot reveal until after he gets home since my love reads my blog :)
Halloween is my FAV FAV FAV holiday ever! I have my house decked out which I will show next week!! Life is starting to get super busy! I am hoping it wil slow down for my "day off" on Sunday! No cleaning, No cooking, no nothing besides Evelyn and Me!! Looking forward to it!!


Audrey Spence said...

My sister has really weird allergic reactions to stuff. McDonalds used to make her break out in hives. Sometimes even like fresh fruits and veggies do. They thought maybe some trace of a pesticide or something. You never know nowadays. There is so much stuff floating around in the air. Hopefully the chest pains go away. Scary!

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