Friday, October 21, 2011

3 Months

Dear Evelyn,

Yesterday you turned 3 whole months old! and let me say....I still cant believe your growing. It seems like just yesterday I had you in my arms snuggling and sleeping and now your squirming all over! I am still in awe of what a beauty you are.
Heres a few more things I hope I never forget..

right now your on a nebulizer..its super sad but your a champ and having the mask on your face.
your now grabbing things with your feet.
yours still 100% breastfed but I have been told to give you water as well.
turtles seem to be your thing.
your still dont sleep through the night and almost beg me to hold you through the night.
your getting curly hair like your nephews.
so far your eyes are blue...I hope they change to green like mommy and daddys.
i cant tell the color of your hair...its either dark red or light brown with hints of red.
everything is going into the mouth latley.

Well Evelyn next time you get a letter from me, daddy will be home! I cant wait for you to have him back, it makes me cry thinking of you getting your daddy back. Almost time!!! I love you more then words.

Love, Mommy


Our Little Fam said...

Happy 3 months baby girl!! I hope she gets feeling better! Cant wait till she can have her daddy home!

Committed said...

Happy 3 months, beautiful girl!! I can't wait for your daddy to be home with you and mommy!! I can't wait to meet you and see you play with my little man…

Liz, If you don't have a Twilight Turtle already, you should get one! Drew gets a kick out of his and loves the different colors. It's fun, especially if she has a thing for turtles. ;-)

Kaylee said...

Awh :) Happy Three months Evelyn!!

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