Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Liz-t

Haha I am cleaver. Did you catch on?

Anyways. I am a die hard bargin shopper. I shop sales, I shop them often, its also often a down fall on my bank account. But that being said this is my dream list...I do not at all expect to get whats on here...but I am dreaming and wishing and hoping and praying :)

1. Hot Pink KitchenAid Mixer
Why? Because its every girls dream, and also I have been baking and cooking my ass off all year hoping and wishing for this. I'd love to have a stand mixer at least! But this is my dream.
2. I'm dying for a Ruby ring.
Why? Evelyn was born in July, so her birthstone is a Ruby. Red is also my favorite color! P got me a beautiful Ruby heart necklace last year, and Evelyn broke the chain on it. I haven worn alot of necklaces latley since then. But a ring, I would wear everyday, just like my wedding ring. This one is the fantasy!
3. Baking Sheets
Why? I have had one baking sheet since I got married. I have been baking alot more this year, my current baking pan looks sad. So a baking pan is not such a big deal. It would be nice to get at least one more :)

4. Gift Cards!
Why? Because I would rather have a day to myself to shop and buy what I want then have people buy it for me. What can I say...I'm an adult :) (BTW if family or P is reading this I'm talking, Old Navy, Target, JC Penny, Bed Bath and Beyond, Bath and Body Works.)

5. Hair Cut/Dye
Why? I havent got my hair cut or dyed since January. Yepp. Freaking not my cup of tea. My roots are grown bad. I dont mind the longer hair, but the roots are driving me nuts!!
And that is my list!!
Whats on your musts for Christmas ths year?


Katie F said...

My mom bought me a ruby ring for my birthday and I never take it off! It's not like the one you posted though lol. Just a simple ruby but I love it! I too need baking sheets and I need mixing bowls. I have one! Love Your list!

Jen said...

Love your list!!! I need new baking sheets as well.I think I have worn mine down haha. :)

Megan said...

That's the same mixer I want too!!! You have awesome taste, haha! That ring is gorgeous!

Chantal said...

I love that ring! And I have a mixer, got it last year for Christmas, and it's awesome.

Cindy @ Marriedtothemilitary {dot} net said...

I would LOVE a pink kitchenaid, and I have a grey one lol. I LOVE that color.....I wonder if I can get my painted

Kim said...

Great list! I would LOVE a Kitchenaid mixer! It's been on my wish list for a while! Lol.

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