Monday, November 19, 2012

Married To The Army...My thoughts.

I know there has been a ton of wives upset, mad, excited, nervous, you name it alot of wives felt it about this show. I like to give things the benifit of the doubt.

My reaction to the show was clearly...Ehh. I liked it, and I understand that series premires are kinda of lame. I do however like that they showed the real personalities of the wives right away. No guessing who is the worst, who I'm going to like less. Nope it was clear who I wasnt going to like from the beginning.

Lindsay. I have my own opinion on her, but I felt like she was very disrespectful. All of us wives met our husbands in some way or another, no shame in saying how you met them. Everyone wishes and hopes that they met there love in some magical Cinderella way....well that doesnt always happen. No shame in it. Lindsay had no right to tell someone that they cant be proud of how they met their husband. Now thats been said and thats all I'm saying.

I am really excited to learn about the wives, and see the challenges they face. I hope this show shines some light on what we all really go through. I dont concider what I do as a Military Spouse as a job, or a way to serve my country. I serve my husband and I stand by my man. But one of my biggest hopes for this show is to show people that the show "Army Wives" is not realistic, even if I do love the show. That what we go through really freaking sucks and is not some wonderful fairy tale. Hopefully this show will show the world how much our soldiers and their families go through.

What was your reaction to the show?


Kim said...

I completely agree. That Lindsay chick got me so upset! Lol. I am looking forward to seeing more and learning more about their lives. :)

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