Monday, November 12, 2012

Evelyns Christmas List..

This year for Christmas, Evelyn is going to get much more involved...I'm hoping. I know she'll be all over tearing up presents and seeing the toys. I just hope she'll move on to another present needng to be opened before throwing a tempertatrum trying to get the one toy she already unwrapped.

I started Christmas shopping early this year. Last year I did alot of black friday shopping, but I decided to do it earlier and slower and I am glad I did. I got plenty of things on clearance and it was much nicer on my bank account.

This year we have been looking at these things.

The Minnie Mouse Ride on Toy which can be found on Amazon. We bough it already from Toys R Us for way cheaper and got $10 off of it!

The Princess Shopping Cart. Evelyn loves her toys that she can walk around the house such as, the rocking horse ad her walker. This would be fun for her to have even if she doesnt use it for "shopping" and just uses it to bring out her toys. This will be on sale on Black Friday and I will be buying it :)

If you dont know what Melissa & Doug is, its a company that makes wood puzzles. My little sister uses them for therapy, and I have always loved them! We got Evelyn 4 puzzles this year from Amazon and Toys R Us.

This Princess Tent I really love! I have been wanting to buy Evelyn a fort for a while. I am not sure she'd be very interested in it too muh right now, so I doubt I'll be buying it unless I see an amazing deal, but I love the thought of her having her own tower. Maybe for her Birthday.

The Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique Flipping Fun Kitchen...We plan of re-doing Evelyns room when she gets into her Toddler bed, and it will be Minnie Mouse/Princess themed. Can you tell her Mom is a Disney freak? None the less Evelyn loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so this Minnie Kitchen would be perfect! However...probably not this year. Maybe her Birthday. She's already got lots of big toys, and Even though she's in a bigger room, I'd like to get rid of the smaller toys before I buy bigger things.
Thats Evelyn's Christmas Wish List! I'm sure Santa will spoil her rotten!


Katie said...

Yeah all those things would have been my favorite toys ever...I bet that Christmas will be a lot more involved this year! Happy shopping :)

Jen said...

The princess tent is so cute!!! :) I was so thankful for online shopping and free shipping this year, my bank account still loves me haha.

Sasha said...

I love all the Disney stuff! That is so gonna be me with my kids I love all things Disney. It's so cute they she loves Disney already too!

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