Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Is what this holiday should be called.

I am one of those types of people who over-react, over think, and then cry because I cant help it. Yeah...Its largely pathetic but its who I have always been.

I wouldnt normal worry about this Holiday but this year is very different. This year one of our friends from Fort Riley is at Fort Jackson, SC doing recruiter school, so we have asked him if he wanted to come up for Thanksgiving...at this time we thought he had a car, but he actually doesnt. So we have to drive the 3 hours there and back to get him and take him back a few days later. Not too big of a deal, but then P invited another friend who lives 2 hours away in the opposite direction that we would have to pick up and take back...so I automatically see $$$ adding up.

Luckily P's friend thats still in NC bought a bus ticket to come here, which makes life just a tad bit easier on our end!

This year we also have a special guest showing up to surprise her husband the day after Thanksgiving that I am also going to have to drive to pick up. I'm excited to surprise her husband, since they have a 7 week old baby and he has only had a week with the baby so it will be way fun.

I've been going through all my stresss emotions with this Holiday and I am just so glad that its not Christmas, and we are inviting no one for Christmas.

But can I mention that the thought of Black Friday stresses me out?! I only need 3 more gifts....well technially just one but I'd like to do 3 more, and I am going to do my Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping ONLINE cause I am not brave enough to go to the store. But It stresses me out with all the money being spent of gas, and then a little shopping needing to happen.

Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully I am overreacting and its going to turn out fine. I stress out way too easy.


Britt Dill said...

I know exactly how you feel, I always seem to get so stressed come the holidays. This year, Mr's parents are coming down, and while I am excited about it, it is the first time I will be making a large meal for someone other then myself and the Mr. Also I think it is awesome that you are inviting so many people and a surprise is always a good thing, I am sure everything will work out! Best of luck!

Chantal said...

Yikes all that driving!

Jen said...

Wow that is a lot of driving. Hugs friend!!!

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