Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend.

**I would have posted pictures but blogger sucks! **

I have had busy couple of days! No kidding. We had 3 extra people in this house this weekend. One was P's friend from California, one was P's friends from Fort Riley, and the day after Thanksgiving one of my Best Friends from Fort Riley flew in to surprise her husband. We pulled the surprise off it was pretty cool!

So then all weekend it was entertaining and making dinners and a little bit of shopping. It was pretty fun!

I'm so glad my friend Cassie flew in with her little baby boy. You'll never guess who wanted to hold him all the time....Evelyn!! She reached for him and she'd pet his head, she stole his binky, she gave him toys. She was so cute! I thought having a baby here would make me less baby hungry, but seeing Evelyn like that was just too cute for words! Oh how I wish it was the perfect time.

I'll admit I dreaded this weekend because P and I would be doing pretty much everything, which ment much MULAH! I hate spending money on other people that can be ungratful. But everyone was offering us gas money, cleaning their messes so it really made it so much nicer and easier on P and I...but I am so glad that we wont be inviting anyone for Christmas, it will be nice to have it be just us 3 on Christmas morning. Seems like we share so many holidays with other friends latley, and we're ready to be alone.

**I'm also sorry I'm posting this 5 days wouldnt upload and I finally gave up, but it was a wonderful weekend**


Chantal said...

Sounds like fun!

Jen said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! :) I am also excited that Christmas will just be me and the hubby haha. :)

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