Thursday, November 8, 2012

While P is away...

Us girls are at play!!

P is in the field for the next few days. But no complaining from me here. I am perfectly happy with having plenty of girl time. So far its not bad.

I had to put Evelyn in her first ever time out. And by time out I mean, her in her room and the gate up while I calmed down from my freaked out self. (she unplugged something and almost got the cord in her mouth) Call me an over reactor if you want, but I am terrified of everything. No joke. Having a child made me think everything is a devil object out to hurt my baby.

But Evelyn and I got the chance to have a girls night. We went and got her some Chocolate Milk, and rented movies at Redbox. We got One for the Money, The Hunger Games (because I still dont own it and I'm craving it), What to Expect When Your Expecting, Magic Mike and Katy Perry movie. No worries...Evelyn will not be watching Magic Mike with me....I'll be watching that with a bottle of Moscato.

The bad thing about P being gone, is our bed is so big, it makes me uncomfortable to sleep in usually I end up on the couch waking up every hour seeing how much time I have to sleep. You know you've done it!

What do you like to do when the husband is away for a short period of time?


xxdeenaxx said...

Hope he will be back soon hon =] i love to have our bed all to myself lol but i do miss my hubby when hes gone. btw your daughter got soooo big! been a while since i blogged and read your blog... time to do some catch up <3

Jen said...

I never minded Kyle being in the field, gave me time to get some real cleaning done haha. :)

Chantal said...

I wouldn't worry about the cord. It's unplugged, after all! Penny chews on them a lot lol

It's fun having girl time!

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