Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When you feel done..

I've wrote before about P's and mines feelings about re-enlisting. His window opens in May, and for the most part we have been ready to re-enlist, move away from Ft. Bragg (he hates it here), and start a new adventure. But yesterday our minds started to change.

Obviously we have a while before we have the option to make anything offical, but it still crosses my mind on a daily basis.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a dental surgeon to get my wisdom teeth looked at..and no surprise with lack of sleep and lots of other things on my mind, I totally forgot and missed my appointment. They called me and rescheduled for another day and I picked a day that P said he usually is good with coming home for a bit. As soon as I told him he reminded me this week will be busy and he has a jump this week, so it wont. I'll admit that I still get super annoyed and act a little teenagerish when I get upset. So I went into Evelyns room (where she was), and procedded to tweet some frustrations and I'll admit I cried a bit.

P had no idea I was crying or upset, but thats because I dont like him to see me cry. So he came in to talk to me, saw me upset and we procedded to talk. I admitted how frustrating it can be to not have family around and friends that stay home to baby-sit. I know I can register Evelyn for hourly care, but everytime I bring it up with P he says "ya lets do it", and thats all that happens.

After a while I finally just said..."Lets get out"...and he said "Ya? Seriously?" and I said "Serious as a heartattack."

I am not sure how we really are going to make the decision to get out. Getting out scares me, but my parents have offered us the basement in their house until we can buy a house and get jobs, which is fantastic. So I'm not worried, my old job in Utah has been offered back to me anytime we come back to Utah, and with P being a Veteran, it shouldnt be too bad to find a job for him. Especially since he is concidering becoming a Cop.

We have our options, but P is 100% sure on one thing, we are moving away from Ft. Bragg ASAP.

Who knows what the decision will be, but latley I feel done. I love this life and living in so many cool places, but honestly, living near family always seems more appealing.


Jen said...

Hugs friend and you will ultimately make the decision that is best for your family!

Mary @ This is How My Garden Grows said...

Jason's out in 4 months and there are days I freak out. I freak out about living together together...I mean when he gets out it will be 3 years since really truly living together. I freak out about him making the transition. I freak out about it being my sr. year in nursing school and him being here and throwing my routine off. But then I remember all of the things we have both sacrificed for Army and how much we've asked our kids to come 2nd to the Army. I rejoice in never having to say, "daddy will be home soon..." and not knowing when soon is or when the next time I even hear is voice is. I rejoice in the kids having a normal life and not having to wonder will dad be home for Christmas or Thanksgivng? I'm just done. So I totally know where you guys are coming from. It's a hard decision to make but once you make it...either way I'm sure you'll feel a huge sense of relief.

Chantal said...

That's such a tough decision. I'm glad that we have until 2018 before we have to think about it!

Audrey Spence said...

Decisions decisions! I wish you luck! I think its a little scarier now with the election over and results in because there are a lot of unknowns with what's going on with the economy and health care and all that. I'm kind of afraid with some things not really knowing too much. But I'm sure you guys will do what works best for you. And there are tons of homes available out here at really good prices so I'm sure that won't be hard to find if you decide you want to live here! :)

Sasha said...

I'm sorry you guys got stuck with such a crappy unit that makes you guys hate it here. That's got to be such a hard decision to make, at least you have some time to think about it. The option to get out does sound really nice. Especially since your parents are giving you a place to live till you get settled

Lou said...

Omg....same here in hawaii he hates everything about it....unit and all. Im nervous about reenlisting also. Its scary!

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