Wednesday, January 23, 2013

18 months!

Oh my dear sweet baby girl! You turned 18 months on Sunday, and seriously its hard to believe. But when I sit back and look at you and watch you play I see my little one year old turning into a two year old.

You have such a fondness for almost anything girlie. Your teapot and accessories with it are almost always in your eye sight if you not playing with them. Your 4 babies are fed and shhh'd. Your Minnie Mouse car gets you places you want to go.

We are about to put you into a booster chair! You hate sitting in your high chair, and lets face it black is not a smart color for a high chair, your constantly trying to sit at the table, so its time we get you sitting like a big girl!

Potty Training has gone on hold while you've been sick. Mom and Dad are still deciding if we should start a potty schedule for you or not.

Your finally starting to used or at least create words! If I asked you to say please you say "paa?" working on it. Thank you is "anks". More is "why?" ya. You say "bayyybee!". Ball is "baaa". Tinkerbell is "ink-bell!". Minnie Mouse is "ouse" You say "No" very clear, but I still don't think you understand what "no" really means.

Your still more of a Daddies Girl then a Mommas girl, but I think that's just because your home with me all day. But Dad still wont change dirty diapers so I still think its a tad bit unfair.

Your the light of my life little girl! You brighten my day and even when I dont want to get out of bed you give me the best hugs and that pushes me to do that much more with you! I love you little princess! Happy Half Birthday!!

Love Mommy!


Chantal said...

Happy half birthday Evelyn!!

Jen said...

So sweet!! :) Yay for 18 months.

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