Tuesday, January 22, 2013

go away January!

Is it just me or is January just the most depressing month?

I read an article yesterday about how yesterday is the most depressing day of the year, because this is when resolution fall apart. Its true...lets admit it, we get into it and 3 weeks later we are bored of it.

After the Holidays going into a month like January where you start feeling like a failure...aka I feel like one. No more Holiday decor, no more presents to buy, bills are due, normal life is back.

I only feel like a failure because this weekend I really let go of my diet...my husband didnt help with that. I crave cake, he buys me a cake. I have a headache and cant get rid of it, he gets me chocolate and pepsi (which is my cure for headaches), I am bored of water, he gets me a soda. Guess what...instead of saying no to the delicious red velvet cake he bought me...I eat it...but do my best not to over indulge. It took me all weekend to the (half cake) he bought me...with his over indulging helping me.

P and I have had this talk many times. I appreciate him helping me, but he is not the best encourager when he is making hamburger helper, tacos, lasagna, ice cream and so on and so forth. I think he thinks its not a big deal, but I am really trying this time, and I do a horrible job at keeping up on losing weight.

I dont mind eating some cheaper, junkier foods especially when we had a sick baby on our hands this weekend, but when he is requesting to make all this crap all the time, oh it kills me.

I know everyone says you have to lose weight for yourself...but I've never ever felt like I need to do it for me. I want to do it to set an example for Evelyn on healthy eating, I want to do it so my back wont be in so much pain whenever we decide to get pregnant again, and I want my husband to think I'm sexy...er.

Anyways...it's a brand new week. Which means a brand new start to getting back on track, and as long as I am still trying I am doing good. But really I think if I was in a better month full of decorations and lots of things to keep me busy...like every other month besides January, I'd feel less inclined to give in to cravings. But who knows Febuary is P's birthday and Valentines Day...so its the Chocolate Month. At least I am trying.


Katie said...

January really does suck! I hope things start to look up for you. Damn those husbands that bring you all of your favorite cravings ;)

Kelly said...

Trying is all you can do! Just remember, you're beautiful. AND, weightloss is a slow journey. You're more likely to keep it off if it comes off slowly. Don't be hard on yourself. Just keep your goal in mind when you have a bad food day. Start clean again tomorrow!!

Amanda said...

You can do it! I hate January too.. the cold short days don't help. Good luck this week on your goals! :)

Jen said...

January is the worst!! :) Don't stress too much, you can do it friend.

Chantal said...

It is a brand new week! Hang in there!

Our Little Fam said...

I am proud of you. Keep up the good work. It is hard for the men to be encouraging when they want that delicious food. You are right, a new week = fresh start! You will do great.

Audrey Spence said...

Okay I seriously feel ya. I so want to be healthier but it doesn't help when Scott says stuff like you're fine or don't worry about it. I don't buy a lot of junk for a good reason but man, I gotta get in gear! I know Scott loves me for me but I don't really love myself. Hopefully I can turn that around here soon but its hard! And I just found out what all my dr stuff is gonna cost and now I'm super stressing. At least we'll have a decent tax return to ease the burden a bit but it sucks to give most of it to bills. Sometimes being an adult just sucks! :)

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