Monday, January 28, 2013

potty weekend!!

This weekend was another really chill one. For one thing Evelyn has had a bug, we had a frozen rain storm, I have caught Evelyns tummy bug, and all in all we just didnt do much besides stay inside and enjoy some Harry Potter movies. (I used to think Utah was cold at 8*, but this 35* weather with that humidity...ahh freezes your body!)

I have mentioned before that Evelyn has started a tad bit of potty training. When she first got the potty, I was sitting her on the potty every few hours, she went one time and I thought this would get easier. She didn't go again and started playing with the potty (it makes music), so I backed off of her. She's still young and I shouldn't be forcing her.

(PS here's her potty area.)
Every once in a while Evelyn would come into the bathroom with me, even if I really didn't want her to and she would sit on her potty and act like she wanted to go. Sometimes I took her pants off, sometimes I didnt.

Then Saturday Evelyn ran to the bathroom door and was trying to get in, so I said "You want to go potty?" and she kept trying to get in, so I opened the door took her pants and diaper off and she sat down. At first I was just like, ya another bust...then she sat up and ran away, I looked and she had pee'd! Talk about being excited about pee. I told her Dad to come give her some praise! We praised her and let her pick out her sticker for her chart and she went back on her day. We tried a few more times with no success that day. The next day before bath time I stuck her on the potty again, and she went again! Seriously I am proud to clean up her potty.

So P and I decided that we should put her on a schedule. We know Evelyn is only 1 1/2 and so we shouldn't push it to hard. But she seems interested a little more and the girl is so proud of her stickers! No harm in still trying. I've read about having a naked day, and I tell you I thought that was ridiculous, but then I started noticing that I don't know Evelyn's signals for needing to go potty. So as horrible as it sounds to be following her around all day making she she doesn't poop all over the place, I think I am going to be brave and do it! Even if its for a half a day. I'll just remind her there is a potty here and she can use it, and I'll be sure to have loads of carpet cleaner!


Army Wife, Mommy Life said...

Jealous! It's been such a pain and mine is almost three and I have one just over a year. I've been wanting to do a naked day but I'm not too sure about doing it with two of them running around. Good luck!

Audrey Spence said...

That is awesome that she's that successful that early! Charlotte loved the sticker thing too and she was a little over 3 when we finally did it. But once she caught on she hasn't had any accidents since. She would go like 3 million times a day at first but is doing better now. I'm sure it'll get even better as she gets a little older and really gets it. You're so lucky! :)

Jen said...

How awesome!!!! :) Hopefully it keeps going.

Chantal said...

That's great! Just keep at it. I plan on getting Penny trained before she's two. I know she can do it, she's peed on the potty before, she just is so busy she won't sit still long enough!

Don't be too terrified of naked time. Penny's only pooped a few times haha. She mostly just pees in random places...

Nicole M said...

I'm kind of in love with your daughters Disney training potty lol. Hot pink with princesses! So cute!

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