Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 the year of the Unknown

Usually I go into a New Year with lots of expectations. Especially since I got married I could predict how the year would go and usually thats how it went. 1st year we got married we got married the day before NYE so no surprise I would be moving and get a job in a different state. 2nd year, P was deployed, I moved home and I was pregnant, so I knew I'd be having a baby and moving back to Kansas when he got home. 3rd year we knew we were moving to NC and I had huge plans to go to DisneyWorld and DC, Fort Bragg was going to be amazing (yeah right). This is the 4th year and all I see is a giant black hole.

We have no idea whats going to happen this year, and its always given me bad anxiety. I'd love to say that 2013 will bring us to a new move, hopefully to Fort Carson, that it will bring me weightloss so I can get pregnant towards the end of the year, and it will bring us more money to the bank account. But lets face it...P doesn't know what he wants to do, which means I have no way to plan for what he wants to do. I am trying to lose weight for my health and have failed consistantly. We can only save money when we really really try to cut back, which we've done better at, but could still do better.

I'm currently standing in front of a big black hole. What will this year bring us? Hopefully at least my weightloss and us being better with spending and saving. But thats about all I see...and I barelly see it.

I guess thats another thing that comes with being an cant always plan everything.


Jen said...

It's so frustrating to not be able to plan for the year. I'm a planner too and it drives me crazy to not know things. Hoping 2013 brings you all the things you want. :)

Morgan Neal said...

Sometimes not knowing just comes with the army. It's like hurry up & wait. Things will get better. Just know that! Smile girl;)

Chantal said...

I do hope your year goes well!

Priscilla said...

I hate not knowing with the Military too! We are stationed at Peterson AFB around the corner from Ft. Carson. Love Colorado springs and the area! Good luck.

Tyah Ferguson said...

Found ya through Jen's blog. I hope some of your plans come through so you can rest easy. We are new to the Marine Corps, and are expecting our first big move sometime this summer, hurry up and wait :) Happy New Year!

Kim said...

I'm in the same boat but for different reasons. I'm a planner and not knowing what's going to happen is frustrating. I hope everything works out for you. Hugs! :)

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