Tuesday, January 8, 2013

turning a baby room into a toddler room.

I'm not gonna lie, Evelyn never really had a baby room. Yes she has had her own room with her own things and it was a tad bit decorated. But when I had Evelyn I was livng with my parents and P was deployed. When Evelyn was 2 months old we moved back to Kansas. At this point Evelyn was sleeping in her portacrib/basinet (btw best purchase ever), sleeping near me and didnt have anywhere to put her things. P was gone for everything and we decided the majority of Evelyn's things that I didnt need ASAP were going to be bought when he was home. After P was home 5 months we moved to North Carolina. So this poor girl has been moved and uprooted almost her whole life.

As P and I get closer to Evelyn being 18 months, and starting to think about when we should put Evelyn into her toddler bed, Ive decided to re-do her decor.

When I posted a long long time about about Evelyn's Nursery, I lovd her room...sorta. I searched for bedding that I found on Overstock.com and I loved it...until I got it. I saw how light the print was and I already couldn't wait to change it. But I made it work. We went with a french theme and it went pretty well for a long time...but now Evelyn's growing out of the baby period (sadly), and has a personality that should shine a little more with her room. So I started looking for things.

Since most of you have never met Evelyn, if you ever did you'd notice that she is a very funny girl, shes active, she loves babies, she loves her Disney movies, loves dancing and she's just very much a girlie girl. She loves her tea partys as well.

So I decided to go with a Minnie Mouse themed room. Most of Evelyn's things are light pink, and since I dont want to spend a bunch of money re-doing a room that she's once again going to be up-rooted out of again in probably the next year, I'd keeping it simple again. But I'm going to add more of her into the decor. Its a work in process and I'm hoping it will be done before her 2nd birthday (WHAT?!).

But I'll tell you I'm super excited about this project! I love decorating! next project....my room!


Jen said...

I think a Minnie Mouse themed room is wonderful!!! :) Oh course I'm a disneyaholic haha.

Kim said...

That's a great project! I loved Minnie Mouse too when I was younger! Can't wait to see it all done! :)

Chantal said...

I'm excited to see it!

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