Friday, February 22, 2013

19 Months Old!

(Evelyn's First Snow!)

Evelyn is now 19 months old...and I didnt even realize it till yesterday. I started to really really wonder what was going on and how much our lives are changing, how much and how fast she's growing and ugh you really wish all those days you took for granted you could take back.

I've been having a hard time with Evelyn the last few days, with her drama queen attitude, which I knew was coming. I've seen her throw fits so bad that she slams her head on the wall. And I do know shes just really frustrated. She's been trying to do sentances, but she is still learning words. So she can't communicate and I am sure sometimes I am not very helpful with trying to understand her. It causes this Mom to be frustrated that Evelyn is taking off and throwing herself on the floor and freaking out and I dont know whats wrong. I can only be so understanding without loosing some of my patients with the high pitch screams.

Now dont get me wrong, having an now 19 month old is a blast! She is really learning words! and she's just the sweetest thing and she's even more independant from me but she's also still her mama's girl.  She can now say; "Mommy", "Dada", "am-ma!" (grandma) "Inny!" (Minnie) "Eeee". E for Evelyn. "Inkerbell" (Tinkerbell) No, Yepp. Yeah!, I dun know. Eyyyes. Ummy! (tummy), Drink. Juuuice. Wa-wa (water), Bayyyybee!! and a bunch of other things!

Also one of her cutest things she does right now is...
Me: Evelyn, what does the Monster say?
Ev: I dunn know........GRRRR!

she also likes to hold her babies and "shhh" them and pat their backs.
(Evelyn during sensory play. Mud Soap)

At Evelyns 18 month check up we found out she weighs 24lbs and is 36 Inches long. She's still super tiny! but she's 50% in weight (like always), and 65% in height. So not bad she's pretty average.

Evelyn still wont really eat much meat, which is fine, but is a huge fan of fruits! I wish I could get her eating her veggies though. Thats one thing I miss about baby food.

She has her last tooth coming through! I'm stoked to be done with teething!!

We also started letting her help Mama with chores. She "helped" me clean the toilets the other day and she likes to clean up her eating area and pick up her toys. I'm not going to complain about that!

She' still a dnacing queen and seriously busts a move where ever and when ever she feels like it. Shes a big fan of Fun. and Imagine Dragons songs. Also a fan of her Disney music as well.

Shes still on Almond Milk and gets some low fat chocolate milk sometimes on the weekend. She drinks the Mots for Tots juice. She loves her apple juice!!

She's not a big fan of sensory play. She hates getting her hands dirty but we are working on using tools (such as spoons and shovels) and hands for play.

During outside play its full of "Buuble" and chalk drawings! Usually I'm drawing but since my house is brick she can draw on the walls :) We play with the two neighbor boys and their "carrrs". Evelyn always loves being outside!

Shes certainty a blast and time is going by! I'm already thinking about pre-schools or even if we want to send her to school, or if we should homeschool her. She's super smart too! I sometimes can't believe she's all mine. Stay little forever my little one. Love, Mommy


Laurie Tester said...

She is so precious!

Jen said...

She is so adorable! :) Have a great weekend!

Chantal said...

Aww 19 months!! What a sweetie.

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