Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Help me plan a trip to Washington DC!

Hello friends! I'm sorry I haven't blogged yet this week. P had staff duty on Sunday and took my computer and then never took my computer out of his car. But I finally go my computer back, and its fully charge and no longer dead! I swear men!

I'm super ubber excited that I am planning a trip to DC! My parents are flying in next month for Easter and we decided to go that weekend. Wether it will be busy or not I am not 100% sure, but thats the weekend we are going and hopefully we squeeze in a lot!

My must do's (besides the norm.) are:

Holocaust Museum!
Georgetown Cupcakes.

Obviously I want to see everything at the Mall. P feels the same, and both my parents have been and want to go to the Vietnam Memorial again. I am obsessed with World War 2 anything and I am facinated with the Holocaust! So I feel like its a must do for me. And if you know me cupcakes are my thing.

Now since I haven't been and I know alot of bloggers out there have been stationed there or have visited a few times, I'd love to hear some ideas on what we MUST do, or where we MUST eat. Any ideas are very much appreciated!


Morgan Neal said...

Go check out my post from DC from back in October! You will find literally everything we did!

Chantal said...

Oooh it'll be sooo fun! Definitely the entire Mall, that'll keep you busy for days lol

Jen said...

I love everything about DC, all of the museums are amazing!

Amanda said...

The entire mall.. but plan a few days for it. You can go for a week and easily not get everything done. I definitely think all of the monuments and memorials are the best part of the mall in general. I love museums, don't get me wrong.. but I'm a fan of monuments... not museums. LOL. For the Holocaust museum.. use P's military ID and you will be able to get into the part of the museum reserved for people that buy tickets early in the morning (for free!). They don't advertise it.. you just have to ask.

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