Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why I love the month of Love.

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I know everyone says that Valentines Day shouldn't be this big hooah, and how you should show love everyday and Valentines Day is just a Hallmark Holiday full of pressure, roses and chocolates.

Now when I wasn't married Valentines Day was...well whatever. I didn't care too much. Now I am married..and although P and I do OK at making sure we have lots of time for ourselves (we've been slacking lately and we know it), Valentines Day just give you that extra boost!

While I can't speak for every couple out there, its a lot harder now-a-days for us to get out and go and do things. We want to see a movie...have to wait for it to come out on DVD. Want to go to a nice quite fancy restaurant...PSH! wishful thinking. Want to window shop....HA HA HA! Ya right! So yes sometimes the romance goes away.

When Evelyn was first born, immobile and sleeping all the time, we made sure to do date night in at least twice a month. P had just gotten home from deployment too so it was all about getting back into the groove of things! Then we moved to NC, we pretty much stopped stay-at-home date night. Every once in a while we'd remember and go out and come home and watch tv...and now TV in bed till we fall asleep.

So because P and I have caught on to our little habit we are forming, we are trying to do better at making a little bit more romance in our life. I wont even deny it...Valentines Day seriously made us think about how much less romance we've been having.

So Valentines Day while its a Thursday and which duh its a work day so we wont really do anything, but we will be doing a little more on Friday to keep our romance alive. Its super important to make any and all holidays a little more fun especially when you never have a sitter and can't really go out.

I love the month of love! Plus isn't this holiday really fun?!


Chantal said...

I have nothing against Valentine's Day! Though we don't usually do anything.

Natalie and Remington said...

I know what you mean, it is hard sometimes! This year I've been giving Remington a small gift everyday till valentines. It just gives you that excuse to go out and do something nice for the main person in your life.

Jen said...

We won't be doing anything for Valentine's Day and I'm perfectly ok with that. :)

Bethany said...

It is SO hard to find time to get away when you have a little one around. I'm so excited because on Saturday, J and I are going on our first ALONE date this since we've been in New York (almost 8 months)! Since our anniversary and V-Day are so close together, we usually combine the two occasions. :)

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