Monday, April 22, 2013

21 Months!

I know I know, I'm that mom. But you know what I am looking forward to putting these in Evelyns book. But this is just a short update.

Evelyn you are so smart! We have been working harder on your colors and animals, and even though I can hear it in your voice that you just don't care, you still humor me and try to say it. If I haven't said it already your "merrrow" aka "meow" is just adorable.

Your still on your pacifier at naptime and bedtime, and I'm not gonna doesn't bother me one bit anymore. I was planning on taking you off about now, but with another trip on the way, I'm not gonna bother until your birthday. You seem happy with it and with your last few molars on their way I'm glad I have it to keep you happy for a little bit.

I'm always concerned about you not liking some of your puzzles, but then one day you'll bring me a puzzle and put it together just fine. See like I said smart. You have really needed your own time to learn when you feel like it and I'm learning to be ok with it.

Potty training is not going anywhere. Your terrified of the potty. Your funny about it though, I always offer it to you and you'll sit for a moment and then stand back up and run away, even with your diaper on. But I'm not worried, this is another thing you'll want to learn on your own. I always thought I'd have you trained by now, but I can't force you and I don't want to anyways. When your ready its there for you.

Your still fascinated with Minnie Mouse and all your princesses. Your the perfect girlie girl! But you also love to play in the dirt with the neighbor boys! Your just fine with getting dirty!

Your favorite food is a "nana!" if I'd let you, you'd have one at every meal. Your not too picky really, you'll try almost anything now. Although I'm not into your habit of throwing your food and smearing it everywhere when your done with your meal.

We bought you your first plastic pool and you've just LOVED it!! It will definitely be one fun summer!!

I love you baby girl.


Jen said...

She seems like such a smart and sweet girl. :)

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