Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm back at it!

I'm sure everyone is tired of me crying and whining about my weight, and you know what I am tired of it too. After a lot of thought and a lot of thinking...I decided it has to be done now...or I need to stop complaining and just get over it. So 2 weeks ago...I started my new lifestyle. Yes its a lifestyle and not a diet.

P needed to lose some weight for his upcoming PT test, and so we started buying healthier options for food, and making healthier dinners. So far that's been easy. I have started my calorie tracker on myfitnesspal, and then guess what I did...I went to the gym! and I went more then one time.

Last time I had a gym membership...I wasn't married. That's how long its been! And believe it or not, that is when I was putting on my weight. Umm hello...I want to shake my-then-self, because I could have totally prevented all of this! I just chose not to.

So I went with my neighbor a few times, and she took a break one day, and so I had P go with me. Then I went by myself a few times. P and I are even talking about going twice a day.

I also had a talk with P about how he watches me when I'm trying to lose weight. If I had a soda while I was on a "diet" he would make sure to tell me how many calories and what a waste it is. So I asked him to back off of me, that this was just me starting out, and if I ask for advice he can give it, until then...he needs to lay off of me. So far he's done pretty good!

I'm not putting pressure on myself right now like I have in the past, right now its just starting out and I am loving it. I have loved pushing myself at the gym, and I love that I can do it in the morning when  some kids are in the playroom and Evelyn can be a bit more social.

So I am just here to say...I haven't given up. I may have backslided and taken too long of breaks, but I really have high hopes to lose my weight, get healthier, and set a better example for Evelyn and future babies. Wish me luck!


Laurie Tester said...

Good luck! I think knowing that it's a lifestyle change makes a huge difference. Not beating yourself up over the little things will help, too. You will be successful!
Lulu and Daisy

Jen said...

You are doing so awesome!!!!! :)

Chantal said...

Yay!! You send me a text if you want to give up and I'll set you straight ;) I'm glad you're going in a positive direction!

Munchkins and the Military said...

Great job girl! A positive start is key!! I need to do the same, and keep putting it off. Good luck!

Amanda said...

Good luck girl! You got this!! :D

Audrey Spence said...

Good for you! I'm trying to keep it up. We've been eating healthier but I've kind of plateaued a bit. But even though my weight is staying the same I am noticing that I'm losing inches in places so I need to focus on that and not how my weight isn't dropping yet. It'll happen. It is tough and definitely a lifestyle not a diet. I went for a run yesterday and I was amazed at how I was able to run the whole time minus my warm up and cool down. It was awesome and felt so good (also so much easier not pushing 50 lbs worth of kids!). I think what gets me through those tough times is remembering how good I feel when I make good food choices and when I exercise. Good luck with it all. It'll be an awesome transformation! Then we can see how awesome we look at your Grandma's party next month! :)

____j said...

That is awesome that your gym has a kids area. I wish ours did, it would definitely make it a lot easier for me to go.

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