Friday, April 19, 2013

Evelyn Writes.

Hey you there, I don't know who you are but I'm pretty sure my Mom tells you all about me. I'm pretty much her life now I guess, but I'm glad I'm not all her. Just incase you don't know me, my name is Evelyn..but I just call myself "Eeee".

Sometimes my life is pretty rough, I don't really understand why I can't play with the wireless router, I mean come on I already broke it so what's the big deal? I also don't understand why I can't drink out of that red, white and blue can mom gets from the day I'll get a taste of it.

I got some cool friends, my boyfriend Andrew lives next door with his brother, we get along so good. Mom and Miss Crystal talk about us getting married one day...I'm almost 2 Mom, I don't plan on getting married till at least 4.

I really like to talk on the phone. Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa call me on Skype and I stand there and tell them all my stories. I don't know why they laugh, most of it is pretty serious stuff like I need some raisins or a new outfit. I see them in person sometimes, but not for that long...they are pretty cool I guess. I hear I'm going to see them and my cousin Ashton soon...I'm not sure about that, Ashtons a whole year older and super mean, Mom says he's a future linebacker..whatever that is. I also hear my Grandma Sue is coming, I don't really remember her though, but hopefully she'll give me ice cream even if Mom says no.

I'm also a pretty cool dancer, I learned some of my moves from my Mom..but really its just all natural. But I'll tell you one thing, once she pulls out that darn recorder, its so funny to stop and not move, makes her so sad and makes her do silly things, doesn't she know I'm the boss.

I really like my Dad, its weird though how Mom is here all day and Dad is only here at night and a few days here and there...its like he's got some place better to be, but I like that he comes home and begs for kisses and I deny him. If he'd stay home I'd give him more. I don't really understand his uniform, he needs some necklaces to brighten that up.

Anyways...I got somethings to do like play with my ball, poop and get some juice. See you all later.

Bye Bye. *Kisses*


Jen said...

This is seriously the cutest thing ever!!! :) Evelyn you are adorable!

Chantal said...

Hahaha Evelyn. Love her.

Morgan Neal said...

Necklaces to brighten the uniform up! #dying

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