Friday, April 12, 2013

Washington DC pt. 3.

We knew the 2nd full day in Washington DC was supposta be rainy, so we planned for this day to be museum day. This day we got smart and took the Metro maybe a little expensive...but oh it was worth it! My parents, P and I decided to split up. My parents are kinda slow and want to take their time...P and I are kinda fast at things, and we're glad we did it because we saw a lot more!

Our first stop was the Smithsonian Castle...which is technically not even a museum. Its an information center. Who knew? not me. So we headed right on over to Air and Space...I was super crowded so we didn't spend much time in there, but it was pretty cool! Especially since we had just been to Kitty Hawk.

Right after that P and I couldn't decide where to go! We had so many options! We saw a little garden and walked around it, and saw the National Archives building...and then realized...we didn't even plan on seeing the Constitution! So we decided right then and there to go see it....problem was..the line to get in the building wrapped around the building. Save that for next time.
By this time it has started to rain, so we ran into the Museum of Natural History. Pretty cool, and again really crowded, but we got to see the Hope Diamond. I hope I get it for my birthday! We spent a good amount in this building. Not any good photos though really. Just this one of P and Manny :)
After that we met my parents for lunch at the American History Museum. I had not planned on going in this museum, but we did see so many cool things! I spent walking around trying to find Dorothy's shoes..and if you've ever been to this museum you'd know they are probably the easiest things to find at the museum. But I found them!!
 We couldn't pass up Kermit either!
Especially since Ev says "roggg"

This part of the trip makes me sad. One of the things I've wanted to go since I was probably in 7th grade was The Holocaust Museum. Like I said yesterday, WW2 is one thing I love to study, and the Holocaust was a big part of that. It was the last thing to do on the to do list, and when we asked a Ranger where it was, he told us we shouldn't get our hopes up because we probably ran out of tickets for the fact he told us not to even bother trying. I was crushed but still had my hopes up. We got to the Museum, and sure enough we sign said, no tickets available. My heart broke. I just wanted to leave. Everyone but me got to do what they really wanted to do, and I just wanted to leave. Everyone insisted we go inside and look around, so we did. There were a few memorials and exhibits we could see, but I was still upset. P knew I was too, and he gladly let me buy a few books to read. I told him we'd have to come back one year by ourselves and come here first thing in the morning.
I didn't even know you needed tickets, but because someone dropped their ticket on the ground (douche bag), we saw that you can get them online! So if you're going to DC and you really want to go, make sure you get online and get them!
DC was an amazing trip. Another thing in the USA you must do before you die. I'm glad we did it, P has been wanting to do it for a while now, and it's great to have finally gotten the chance to do so. I can't wait for Ev to learn about this stuff in High School and I can pull out the photos and show her that she's been here before! Maybe even take her again one day :)


Jen said...

Taking the metro is the best idea ever! So worth the money.

Chantal said...

I loooove the Smithsonian!

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