Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We celebrated Easter early since we were going to be in DC for Easter Sunday. I was pretty excited since my parents were in town and we never get to spend holidays with them anymore. So it had to be perfect!
We woke up and I had an Overnight Blueberry Cassarole in the fridge and threw it straight into the ended up cooking forever!! But it was still delicious!!
Evelyn woke up and got her Easter stuff!! She got way more then we planned, but this is her first Spring and Summer of being active and walking so she needed a few things!

After Ev's nap we did egg coloring and had her use a whisk to dip the eggs...thank you pintrest! worked like a charm. She had a blast!
This was my first big Easter dinner. I tried to not add too much on my plate, and went pretty simple. Everything was delicious!


Jen said...

What a fun Easter, that casserole looks amazing!

Morgan Neal said...

Looks like the perfect easter

Munchkins and the Military said...

The casserole looks a lot like what I made also. What's in yours??
Easter dinner looks great too! Glad you guys had a good holiday! (:

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